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Whatever your requirements, we can fit you with the right fence for your Springfield, Missouri business. Get a durable, strong FenceTrac fence from the pros at Ozark Fence Company.

FenceTrac Key Features

FenceTrac uses heavy-duty steel posts instead of other materials, like wood, that can rot and decay. It also has a strong steel frame, so you won't experience the warping or twisting that you would usually see in a typical wood fence. The unique, steel Fencetrac system allows us to build fences in 4-foot, 6-foot, or 8-foot heights.
The FenceTrac channels are manufactured from 18-gauge galvanized steel for commercial-grade strength & design. The textured polyester powder coat finish adds extra protection to give this fence system its long-lasting durability.
We can insert your choice of infill into the FenceTrac rails. Whether you prefer vinyl, composite, welded wire mesh, corrugated metal, or wood, your choices are endless! You can also choose from a vertical or horizontal orientation to create the exact look you want. The Fencetrac system is available in black, bronze, and white powder-coated finishes.
key features of FenceTrac fencing in Springfield Missouri

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The FenceTrac System

For years, property owners who purchased traditional privacy fencing have been frustrated by rusty nails, cracked and rotting wood, and other unavoidable maintenance issues that come with owning a standard wooden fence. Also, nearly every privacy fence looks just like the one next door.

FenceTrac is different.

With FenceTrac, you pick your own style. Our unique, patented fencing system offers residential and commercial property owners the ability to use nearly any type of infill – including red cedar, corrugated metal, bamboo, welded wire, vinyl, PVC, metal screen, wood rails, and so much more!

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FenceTrac Fence Installation Service in Springfield, Missouri

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Professional FenceTrac installation services in the Springfield, Missouri area.

At Ozark Fence Company, our experienced team of technicians has mastered the art of FenceTrac installation, allowing us to offer quick and reliable service that lasts. Whether you're looking to install a fence around your Springfield, Missouri home or business, our FenceTrac fences have you covered!

FenceTrac FencingBenefits

Many homeowners and business owners love the benefits they can receive from FenceTrac fencing.
Here are a few of the top advantages.

example of a FenceTrac privacy fence in Springfield Missouri

FenceTrac is Attractive

Our Fencetrac fencing systems are available in black, bronze, and white powder-coated finishes, allowing you to complement your property's aesthetic. You can choose any infill material for the FenceTrac system and they can have a horizontal or vertical orientation! And depending on your needs, you can have a full privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence, or a more open-style fence that complements the overall look of your property.

FenceTrac is a Great Value

The FenceTrac system in Missouri is an affordable option, and depending on the size, infill choice, and needs of your fence project, you'll have a low-maintenance and durable fence that will last a lifetime.

FenceTrac is Low Maintenance

The FenceTrail rail system itself is practically maintenance-free and is an excellent choice of fencing in Missouri. Many choices of infill materials are also low-maintenance like vinyl, metal, aluminum, and composite which only require a light washing from time to time.

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Many homes and businesses in the Springfield area have the FenceTrac rail system installed on their property. They're a popular choice among our Springfield, Missouri customers because they are long-lasting, fully customizable, and need little upkeep while providing protection, privacy, and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

FenceTrac's patented U-channel metal fence frames are formed from galvanized 18 ga. steel for superior strength and durability. FenceTrac also has a durable textured matte powder coat finish consisting of a multi-stage pre-treatment/wash (with zinc phosphate) followed by a duplex cathodic electrocoat system consisting of TGIC polyester powder coat, providing an industrial, weather-resistant finish.

It sure will! The FenceTrac framework is rackable, meaning that it is able to be adjusted to accommodate sloped grades of land.

FenceTrac rail systems are designed to be used with nearly any type of rigid infill, so you can create the exact look you want. This innovative fence system can accommodate any infill thickness up to 1", so the possibilities are endless! Some of the popular choices include cedar, pine, vinyl, corrugated steel, wire mesh, and composite boards.

Definitely! FenceTrac is popular due to the privacy it provides in certain installations. Depending on the infill you choose, you can have full privacy, partial privacy, or an open concept. Consider your privacy requirements and choose the right infill material from the options available on the market.

The FenceTrac system itself needs almost no upkeep. If having a low-maintenance fence is a priority, choose an infill material that also has the need for only minor maintenance, like galvanized steel, vinyl, or composite boards. With the right choice of infill, your new fence just has to be washed occasionally to look great for many years to come.